RE BarCamp St. Louis ~ Why We Chose the Syndicate for Our Location

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There are a lot of reasons to attend RE BarCamp St. Louis.

While the primary reason to attend is because the education will be top notch, we also get to spend the day in a venue that energizes everyone.

When we went looking for an event space this year, we wanted a space that would add to what we were trying to achieve.

We wanted a space that would reflect the spirit of people who are interested in trying something new.

We wanted a space that would encourage casual conversation and reflect the relaxed nature of a BarCamp.

We found it in the Syndicate Condominiums.

I was lucky enough to tour the building as we planned what would go where during BarCamp. My blogger instincts kicked in and I snapped some photos and video clips so you could get excited too.


Event Location Preview

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We are really excited about the trendy location for the upcoming RE BarCamp St. Louis.

Last month we toured the Syndicate building to figure out where we would have our registration table, hold our breakout sessions, eat lunch and network.

We were NOT disappointed.

I grabbed some quick video and pictures to share with the rest of the planning committee. I have to warn you that this was the first time I used the video editing software that came with my new camera, and I clearly have a lot to learn. But it is good enough to give you an idea of where we’ll spend the day talking tech if you decide to join us at RE BarCamp St. Louis.

I’m really hoping someone will decide to teach a class in using video software. I would definitely be the first one to grab a seat for that session!


Event Replay ~ RE BarCampSTL Pictures and Video

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RE BarCamp St. Louis was a blast today!

We had a great turnout with a good balance between social media veterans and those heading straight to our beginner track. Throughout the entire day I saw lots of smiles and overheard hallway conversations on just about every topic you can imagine.

In typical BarCamp fashion, the 8 of us who got together for dinner last night decided to change up the schedule at the last minute and split the hour long sessions into shorter 45 minute sessions so we could squeeze in more topics.

After a full morning and afternoon of breakout sessions, you would think that everyone would get sluggish in the afternoon. Not true at RE BarCampSTL!

We actually planned for 4 afternoon sessions, but the participants were so engaged in discussions that we we almost had to kick people out of the room at the end of every single session so the next one could start. By late afternoon, running a tad behind schedule, we ended up going from session 3 straight to our networking open bar.

But as the conversations continued over food and beer, no one seemed to mind.

Enjoy the video and some pictures of the day’s events.

Chris Draper (@FPO), Brian Copeland (@NashvilleBrian) and Bobbie Howe (@bobbiehowe)

Brad Korn and Rich Bailey presented well attended sessions.

See more pictures of RE BarCamp St. Louis on our Flickr group page (and make sure you add your pictures to the group!)


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