How Many Miles will You Drive?

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So the upcoming Real Estate BarCamp IS being held in the St. Louis metro area. Actually the event will take place just outside St. Louis across the Missouri River in St. Charles County. But don’t think that this event is just for St. Louis agents, or that it is even just for Missouri agents.

I think we should have a contest to see who will come the farthest to attend.

Maybe we can get a sponsor to come up with a great prize for the out of town attendee who covers the most miles to join us.

With so many cities in easy driving distance, let’s make this a regional event.

According to Driving Time Between Cities, it doesn’t take all that long to get to St. Louis from a bunch of cities:

  • Columbia, MO – 102 miles (1 hr, 47 minutes)
  • Kansas City, MO – 225 miles (3 hrs, 45 minutes)
  • Springfield, MO – 221 miles (3 hrs, 50 minutes)
  • Topeka, KS – 288 miles (4 hrs, 43 minutes)
  • Springfield, IL – 112 miles (1 hr, 57 minutes)
  • Peoria, IL – 184 miles (3 hrs, 11 minutes)
  • Chicago, IL – 310 miles (5 hours, 7 minutes)
  • Memphis, TN – 296 miles (4 hrs, 49 minutes)
  • Nashville, TN – 323 miles (5 hrs 30 minutes)
  • Indianapolis, IN – 257  miles (4 hrs, 28 minutes)
  • Des Moines, IA – 326 miles (5 hrs, 47 minutes)

With so few BarCamp events in the midwest, attending is a rare opportunity to learn and share and network. Tickets are limited…sign up TODAY.

What could you offer as a prize to someone coming from Nashville or Chicago or even Phoenix?!

Why Should You Sponsor?

If you are a technology provider or company, there is a huge untapped market in the Midwest. Our region gets so little attention from industry technology providers. You have a rare opportunity at the St. Louis Real Estate BarCamp to get in front of agents eager to soak up new technology to use in their business.

Can’t attend?

We’ll still make sure you get lots of links, signage and kudos for sponsoring.

The opportunities for non-technology company sponsors are great too.

Think about it.

In most industries there are a handful of company bigwigs who get to decide if they will buy your products. But real estate is different. Every agent is on their own to find the best products for their business and clients.

What a wonderful opportunity for restaurants, photographers, lenders, title companies, gift providers, office supply companies, cell phone companies, iPad sellers…you get the idea.

Want more info about sponsoring?

For more information, send a twitter direct message Eric Stegemann (@EricStegemann), Jessica Hickok (@SugarCube) or Karen Goodman (@karenstl). Or simply leave a comment and we’ll get in touch!