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What makes you groove? What tunes inspire you and excite you?  We want to know.

music for Rebarcamp St Louis

More Cool: 8 track or ipod?

We plan on keeping things moving at RE Barcamp St. Louis and will have a DJ spinning a killer playlist, but since barcamps are about YOU, then we need to know what YOU want.

You Pick The Music.

(or someone with no musical taste will)

MC Hammer or Nine Inch Nails?  Steven Tyler or Taylor Swift?  Nickelback or 50 Cent?

Next time you tap your foot to a cool song, let us know! Three Easy ways to build the REBCSTL Social Playlist:

A) Tweet your song suggestions to the hashtag #REBCSTL

B) Drop your suggestions via the form below

C) Or let everyone know by leaving your suggestion in the comments and we’ll add YOUR music to the queue.

*Yes, you may enter more than one suggestion.

**Yes, we are looking for someone to Sponsor the DJ – know someone in St. Louis Radio?


Sponsors Pony UP & Make REBCSTL Free

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In order for RE Barcamp’s to be a free event for everyone, we rely on sponsors.  We already have some MAJOR sponsorships  – so we are looking good-  However We need More sponsors to PONY UP.

Sponsors REBCSTL Realtors

Will a FREE PONY be paid for by Sponsors?

Today we are talking about the giveaways at the event, and are looking for Brokers, Companies and Vendors to donate cool door prizes like an ipad,  or… a Pony.  Both would be very cool.

Other giveaways that don’t require oats and water could include gift cards to restaurants, stores and tickets to events.

Event Sponsorships start at a minimum of $100 and go on up.  You can designate what specific part of barcamp you want to sponsor (i.e. badges, venue costs, happy hour, lunches, signs, printing costs….uh…I think you get it from here).

Sponsors get Links, Love and a Classroom named in their honor with signage. (plus good karma)

Thanks to our Current Sponsors (Who Rock & provide the ROLL to make the event FREE)

Tribus – Provides brokers and agents the best ongoing tools, technology and support.

FloorPlanOnline – FloorPlanOnline Creates Premium Websites and Virtual tours with photography and floorplans.

YPN – Young Professionals Network for Realtors.

Other Sponsors are in Que to be added here (just need to get details from Eric!)

YOU. Get on the band wagon! And help sponsor REBCSTL.

Or just drop one of the hosts a line if you have an Idea / Question /  Giveaway.

YPN Young Professionals Network Missouri

tribus real estate

FPO FloorPlanOnline Real Estate Mktg Logo