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A List of Social Media Resources

I’ve been getting a few emails from people asking for a list of resources (slideshows, tutorials, etc.) on some of the material that was presented at REBarcamp Los Angeles. While I’m not sure that everyone has a slideshow up or a video tutorial, I am linking out to a few individuals who have written useful posts on their blogs. If you have... Read More →

REBarCamp Los Angeles 2009 Video Recap

Video courtesy of: Morgan Brown  Read More →

April 1st Happy Hour Details for REBarCamp Los Angeles

Start the REBarCamp Los Angeles networking a day early!  Join us for a pre-event happy hour(s) on April Fools Day just down the street from the REBarCamp conference location at the Yard House Pasadena. We are trying to get a rough head count so the restaurant can be prepared for us.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP by leaving a comment on this... Read More →

April Fools Happy Hour Being Planned…No Joke!

Just a heads up that those of you traveling to REBarCamp LA can plan to arrive the day before because we’ll be coordinating a pre-event happy hour on the evening of April 1st.  Of course, those in the LA area a welcome to join in the pre-REBarCamp fun as well - save the date!  Location is still to be determined but more details will be posted... Read More →

From Awareness to Interaction to Engagement!

This is a video from REBarcamp NY (courtesy of @ZipvoGreg). I want you to watch it for a few reasons: 1.) it’s a pretty damn cool video and a look at an evening/event Barcamp style, and 2.) there are really some golden nuggets of advice in there! Pay particularly close attention when the video hits 7:15… One of the challenges folks face... Read More →

Airport and Hotel Info for REBarCamp Los Angeles

For the out of town attendees who will be joining us for REBarCamp LA, find airport and hotel information below: Air Travel Burbank Airport (BUR)  Also known as Bob Hope Airport, this regional airport is located about 15 miles from the Pasadena Hilton and is the closest airport to RE BarCamp. This is the airport you want to fly into for RE Bar Camp... Read More →

Interested in presenting?

Barcamps and REBarcamps aren’t typically very structured events. Attendees normally flock together the day-of and outline a series of discussion topics for the day. Sure it might sound a little chaotic and unorganized but actually, it kinda works out really well! Most folks are really passionate about what they’re doing and are openly willing... Read More →

What is REBarcamp Los Angeles?

I know the name sounds a little intimidating and or confusing so nevermind the name for now. Basically, Real Estate Barcamp Los Angeles is a one-day, FREE, social media conference for the Real Estate space. Here’s some of what you’re expected to learn:  Strategies of Blogging for Business in Real Estate Preferred Blogging Platforms Online... Read More →

Help Spread the Word

So the volunteer team and I are working hard to get make REBarcamp, in a word, ROCK! This week we’re working hard to set event details, run the REBarcampLA blog, market the event old-school style, and track down a key-note and a few other speakers… Some pretty cool people are going to be there but more on that as we work out the details... Read More →

Dustin Luther Speaks on Getting SEO Value out of Your Social Media Efforts

Last Monday, Dustin Luther gave a presentation to the folks at MOTM titled: 7 Tips to Getting SEO Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts Dustin Luther Presenting at MOTM It was a pretty good presentation too! Dustin always has great energy and is very knowledgeable… What was particularly important about this presentation is that it covered a few... Read More →

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