Dustin Luther Speaks on Getting SEO Value out of Your Social Media Efforts

March 1, 2009 by Ricardo Bueno  
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Last Monday, Dustin Luther gave a presentation to the folks at MOTM titled:

7 Tips to Getting SEO Value Out of Your Social Media Efforts

Dustin Luther Presenting at MOTM

Dustin Luther Presenting at MOTM

It was a pretty good presentation too! Dustin always has great energy and is very knowledgeable

What was particularly important about this presentation is that it covered a few points that most people don’t think of when launching their first official business blog. The thing about a blog is, people won’t read it just because you hit the publish button. You can’t expect thousands of hits over-night and you can’t expect your subscriber count to break 1,000 let alone 100 in a week. There’s a lot that goes into marketing a blog! 

The more SEO you know…the better off you are. In fact, one might say that he who masters the SEO game, wins!


Any challenges marketing your website? What was it like when you first started your blog?

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