Partnership Opportunities

Real Estate Barcamp Los Angeles is a free event but it isn’t free to produce! So consider this our official CALL FOR SPONSORS.


Why Sponsor…
REBarcamp Logo landscape
If you’re looking to support the development of the real estate community while reaching its most influential and passionate members, then sponsoring REBarcamp is for you. You’ll be supporting a vibrant community of successful and curious professionals while creating relationships that drive value for your brand.

Who Attends REBarcamp?

The most passionate and curious professionals attend these un-conferences as a way to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss the topics and trends relevant to real estate, technology, social media and the future of the industry. Everyone from the freshly-minted real estate agent, to the executive managing 500 people are encouraged to attend and participate. All voices are equal and welcome at Real Estate Barcamp Los Angeles!

How much does sponsorship cost?

In the spirit of equality that Barcamp is founded on there is only one level of sponsorship at $250. This money will be used to make the event free to attend. Your generous donation will be used to secure the venue for the event, provide a meal and refreshments (perhaps some early morning coffee), print badges and t-shirts, secure internet access and any AV needs, support the promotion of the event (we want to do quite a bit of traditional marketing to reach individuals who aren’t already in the social media space). Because REBarcamp Los Angeles is a non-profit event, all of the proceeds will be used for the benefit of the event and the attendees.

What do you get in exchange for your sponsorship?

You’ll receive recognition on the REBarCamp web site and at the day of the event on BarCamp materials such as the t-shirts, badgets and signage (should we have enough budget to provide for such materials). You’ll be recognized at the conference opening for your support. You’re entitled to pass out a premium item or have one sign at the conference as well.   

So if you and/or your company are interested in sponsoring REBarcamp Los Angeles, simply click on the Paypal link below and once your payment is received, we’ll follow up with you to confirm and gather some materials from you (like logo and product/service information). And if you know of anyone who might be interested in becoming a sponsor, please forward them a link to this post.
Thanks again for your support! See you at REBarcamp Los Angeles…

Still have questions?

No problem. Contact Ricardo Bueno at (323) 572-8322 or [email protected] or Stacey Harmon (949) 885-6497 or [email protected] for more information.