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March 2, 2009 by Ricardo Bueno  
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So the volunteer team and I are working hard to get make REBarcamp, in a word, ROCK! This week we’re working hard to set event details, run the REBarcampLA blog, market the event old-school style, and track down a key-note and a few other speakers…

Real Estate Barcamp Los Angeles

Some pretty cool people are going to be there but more on that as we work out the details and sift through the registration list. So far we’ve got Diverse Solutions, CV Escrow, and Zillow as confirmed sponsors and we’ve got other cool sponsors showing some interest; we’ll be confirming them this week. If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, you can check out our F.A.Q. page here or get in touch with any one ofour volunteers. Just remember, you’re not restricted to a $250 donation or nothing…some people have pitched in lesser amounts; after all every little bit counts! As more sponsors sign up, we’ll do more for attendees in that way. 
Now, some of you asked about how you can help out! Here’s how…
Bloggers: pick up your badge below and write a blog post about this event. Tell us your comin’… 
Tweople: Tweet about this event on Twitter and link back to the REBarcamp Los Angeles Blog (feel free to tweet liberally but don’t annoy people mmk). 
Facebook: join our Facebook Group here and invite your friends. Feel free to upload photos of local tweetups, videos and link to articles or ask questions. It’s your playground so have fun with it. But NO SPAM! Ok?!
Brokers & Agents: Feel free to share information on this event at your meetings. I’m willing (and so are a few others) to come out to your office and do a short presentation if you’d like. So long as you have coffee… We’ll upload more content to the site so you’re clear on the Barcamp model and what to expect at this event. If you’re still unclear, you can always call me at 323.572.8322 or email me at
Sponsor(s): if you’re interested in sponsoring, please get in touch with me at 323.572.8322 or If you’re ready to make a contribution, our Paypal link is already set up on the site here. If you’d like to contribute but can’t get involved for the full amount of $250, that’s ok too;every little bit helps!
And lastly…if you’re coming to this event, don’t forget to pick up your badge like the one below. Just copy and paste the html below and you’re all set! 

REBarcampLA Badge

(This awesome badge was designed by the artistic talent of Mike Price)

<a href=”“><img src=”” alt=”rebcla_posit” width=”160″ height=”169″ border=”0″ /></a>

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