50 Moo Cards for Free

MooDo you have a facebook page?  If so, here is a great little marketing tool for you.

I recently attended Inman Connect in San Francisco and one of the suppliers there is a printer named MOO.  They make business cards.  They made me some wonderful business cards based on the cover of my facebook business page.  50 cards for free!!  All you need to do is go online at www.moo.com (There is a $4 shipping and handling charge).  What a novelty!!  Be the second page in Tahoe to have these cards!! nanana, I am the first!!

Excitement Grows!!! Food & Drink!! FREE

pass on the good juju to those who you think deserve to share this wonderful opportunity to compare notes and learn. REBar Camp – Tahoe is gathering steam and we want you to be there!! Register for the Camp AND the Cocktail Party soon!!

KW REBarCamp Flyer 2-2

Eye Fi Pro X2 – Tech Savvy Agent


Food for thought:

For those of you whose phone camera just isn’t enough, check out this piece of equipment that allows your camera to send a picture to your phone/computer/ipad — Courtesy of Steve Pacenelli, Tech Savvy Agent

What is REBar Camp?

The description of this event is difficult to put words to.  Best way to describe it is that it is a sharing of ideas, particularly ideas centered around technology, social media and how it is used in the Real Estate profession.  Things that we might discuss at this event could be:

1)  facebook and Facebook pages;

2)  what’s better Mac or PC?;  Iphone or Droid?

3)  what’s Twitter got to do with it?

4)  can you use Pinterest, Flicr, Instagram to market your business? How?

5)  what is better — blogging or Facebook Pages?

6)  how do I keep on track with consistent content?

7)  What fun and productive apps have we found to share for making our business better?

I could go on and on — please come prepared with some of your questions, ideas and any success stories of your own.  This is all about sharing and planking.


Back From Inman Connect

Okay, I am back from San Francisco and my head is spinning.  The conference this past week was mind tweaking.  One of the most prevalent subjects was the incredible applications that are available now for real estate.  Most of these applications can be downloaded on an Iphone or Ipad but many are also available on droids and tablets.  Check out a couple right now:

Blazing Tours and Videolicious

Let me know what you think of these two photo applications.

I think one of the discussion groups at REBarcamp should be photo applications.

Do some homework and come up with some questions or contributions between now and then.

Welcome Chase International!

Thanks so much for adding yourselves to the list of Sponsors for the upcoming REBarcamp!  I am so glad to have you complete the list of the 5 sponsoring brokerages:  Coldwell Banker, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Keller Williams, Dickson Realty and now Chase International Real Estate.  Thanks for helping provide the opportunity for your agents to jump on board the media express!!