What is REBar Camp?

The description of this event is difficult to put words to.  Best way to describe it is that it is a sharing of ideas, particularly ideas centered around technology, social media and how it is used in the Real Estate profession.  Things that we might discuss at this event could be:

1)  facebook and Facebook pages;

2)  what’s better Mac or PC?;  Iphone or Droid?

3)  what’s Twitter got to do with it?

4)  can you use Pinterest, Flicr, Instagram to market your business? How?

5)  what is better — blogging or Facebook Pages?

6)  how do I keep on track with consistent content?

7)  What fun and productive apps have we found to share for making our business better?

I could go on and on — please come prepared with some of your questions, ideas and any success stories of your own.  This is all about sharing and planking.


Speak Your Mind