Seattle reBarCamp raises over $2,000 for Solid Ground

April 19, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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We’ve balanced out our books and are pleased to announce that Seattle reBarCamp is donating $2,265.22 to our chosen charity, Solid Ground.   This is as a result of the efforts of all of our volunteers, sponsors and our 600 or so participants who showed up at the Seattle Center on March 3, 2011.

Thanks again to everyone for making this event possible.

Thank You for Making Seattle reBarCamp a Huge Success

March 8, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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The fourth annual Seattle reBarCamp took place last Thursday, March 3rd, at the Seattle Center’s Northwest Rooms.  It is amazing to me that this event evolves by the efforts of unpaid volunteers, the financial support of sponsors and the participation of the attendees. 

For those who feel reBarCamps are a fading fad, I beg to differ.   We don’t have an official “count” of how many participants joined us last week… we roughly estimate that we had over 600 based on how many name badges were utilized.  

Thanks again to Jim Marks for kicking off the day and to our panelist and moderators of the Rookie Sessions (which were very well attended).   The Sponsor Spotlight was also a new “experiment” this year which included sponsors having their own vendor area.   Although the spotlight sessions fizzled, sponsors seemed to enjoy their exposure throughout the day.   We actually had sponsors signing up to take part in our event up to the day before reBarCamp!  Because of this, we’re going to make a nice donation from reBarCamp to this year’s chosen charity, Solid Ground.   Once we have that figure, we will share it with you.

Did you take photos or video of the event?   We invite you to share them by uploading them to our group on Flickr and check out everyone’s photos from the event.

Considering the magnitude, everything really came together great and on behalf of the planning committee, we thank you!   Overall the feedback has been very positive…and we even have folks asking “when’s the next Seattle reBarCamp.”   If you want to stay informed of when the next event is “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  

PS:  Looks like the next reBarCamp in San Francisco (where it all began) is July 25, 2011.

Seattle reBarCamp is hours away!

March 2, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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Just a quick reminder that doors open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday, March 3) for registration. With over 700 rsvp’s, we ask that you come early.

Seating may be limited for the Key Note Speaker Jim Marks (another reason to come early) which starts at 9:00 a.m.

We strongly suggest that you bring your own lunch…according to the National Weather Service (as of this moment) we have a 70% chance of showers with a high near 45 and winds around 10 mph. Bringing your own lunch will not only keep you warm and dry, it will give you more time for extended sessions or to hang out with new friends. The lunch break is from 12:00 – 1:00.

We also encourage you to bring a water bottle. All rooms are equipped with hot/cold water dispensers…but I’m hearing today that there are no cups available.

This event last until 5:00 p.m.

Here is a rough schedule (5 tracks will not be decided until tomorrow by the participants) and the Rookie Sessions.

Also, we are in the process of contacting people who are on the “waiting list”. Thanks to the folks who have contacted to us to let us know they cannot make it, we’ve been able to allow more to participate at this years event.  Thanks so much for your patience and cooperation.

For more information, you can check out these posts.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Tribute to the reBarCamp Founders

March 1, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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I can’t help but think of the creators of reBarCamp hours before this event.   I am so fortunate to have stumbled upon (or “magoo’d as my husband and I like to say) upon the San Francisco reBarCamp event back in 2008.   It was an experience that forever changed my idea of learning and conferences…it really was a “you had to be there” experience.

Flash forward, Seattle reBarCamp will have it’s fouth event this Thursday and we’re off the charts with rsvps (we have a  waiting list) and sponsors — which means we are making an extra nice donation to our chosen charity, Solid Ground.

Let’s take a moment to thank those who thought up this whole thing “reBarCamp”.  Back in 2008, I remember the REBC ‘wiki’ and when I tell others stories from the first event in San Francisco, it leaves me feeling like I must be an ancient tribe member.   :)

We owe so much to those who had the vision for this event.  I don’t dare try to name all who I think they are…you know who you are.

We thank you!  I thank you.

Seattle reBarCamp is almost here! Are you on the RSVP list?

February 28, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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With over 700 participants who have rsvp’d, this event is going to be a full house.   We’re having many folks contact us to confirm their reservation.   We did not send out any confirmations of reservations (I don’t believe this has been done at a Seattle reBarCamp as of yet)…one thing to please keep in mind is that this is a FREE event that has come together by the efforts of several volunteers.  We do try respond as quickly as we can however we do all have full-time day jobs too.  :)

Here’s how you can check to see whether or not you are on the rsvp list for Seattle reBarCamp on March 3, 2011. 

From the website, mouse over “rsvp full!” on the top tab bar and then click on “who’s coming“.

From most browsers, in the upper tool bar (next to “file”) you should be able to click “edit” then “find“.  A text box should appear under your tool bar where you can enter your name.   This should hopefully produce a prompt or highlight that includes your name.  If more than one person has your name, you may have to click next.  You might want to try searching your first and last name separately.

If you discover that your name is not on the list and you want to attend please send an email to rebarcampseattle (at) gmail (dot) com.   This event currently has a waiting list.

If you discover your name is on the list and you’re not able to attend the event, please send an email to rebarcampseattle (at) gmail (dot) com and ask to be removed from the list.   This will allow someone else to be able to be moved from the waiting list and added to the rsvp list. 

On behalf of all the Volunteers, we thank you and look forward to making this an amazing reBarCamp experience!  We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Come to Seattle RE Barcamp Thursday – GAME ON!

February 28, 2011 by jimreppond  
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To maximize your learning experience and get the most value, think and prepare for this event. You will be glad you did.


  1. Make a list of real estate activities and projects you are currently working on.
  2. Prepare information to share about them with others.
  3. Make a list of questions focused on the subjects you want to learn more about.
  4. Hang out near the Schedule Board Thursday morning and try to get a session going with others with the same topic.
  5. Have fun learning/sharing.

(This event is at full capacity and stopped taking reservations. If you have registered and will not be able to attend, please send in your cancellation so that others on the waiting list may attend. Email: rebarcampseattle(at) subject: Cancel RSVP)

Prepare Yourself for Seattle reBarCamp this Thursday!

February 27, 2011 by Rhonda Porter  
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This is the fourth reBarCamp in Seattle and it’s going to be amazing.   We’ve done a few things different this year with dedicating several sessions for those who are novice to social media in the largest room with the Rookie Sessions (Rainier Room).   With 700 people registered to converge on the Seattle Center this Thursday, we’re thinking that a majority will be attending those sessions.   This should also free up the other sessions to have more advanced topics. We’ve also added the Sponsor Spotlight where sponsors can freely promote themselves (Olympic Room)…and from what I’ve seen so far, their topics look very interesting!   By the way, we are at capacity so if you did not rsvp, please contact us (see box to the right) to be added to our waiting list.

Each reBarCamp seems to have it’s own personality because the day evolves around the participants.  I’m really looking forward to this event and thought I’d share some pointers with you to help you make the most of your reBarCamp experience.

Dress comfortable.  This is a casual, laid back event and you will be doing plenty of walking to the different sessions, to and from parking and to lunch.   By the way, currently it looks like we’ll have showers on Thursday with temps in the mid-40s.

Bring your water bottle.   Each room is equipped with water (hot and cold). 

Bring your wi-fi.   There will be wi-fi available however it is limited.  If you want to be guaranteed access to the internet, your best bet is to bring your own.  :)

Come early.  Registration and coffee will start at 8:00 a.m.  reBarCamp badges are first come/first serve to those who have pre-registered.   With 700 people attending this year, the earlier you can show up to start submitting your topics for sessions, the better.

Parking.  Several lots are available.  Check out the map in the right tool bar.

Coffee!  Redfin has graciously sponsored morning coffee service.

The Venue:  Seattle reBarCamp is in the same place as last year, in the Northwest Rooms of the Seattle Center just north of the Key Arena.   There is plenty of parking and restaurants within walking distance.   Speaking of lunch…

Lunch:  You may want to consider bringing a sack lunch…especially if  you’ve decided to continue with a barcamp session during the lunch break.  If not, there are several restuarants and grocerie stores nearby for you to grab a quick bite.  The lunch break will be from 12:00 – 1:00.

What do you want to learn or share?  Start thinking about what you hope to walk away with from this reBarCamp.   When you arrive Thursday morning, there will be index cards available for you to submit topics for possible sessions.  If you think of a topic prior to Thursday, jot it down and bring it with you!

The Agenda aka The Board.   The agenda will be posted on the wall by the registration desk.  We will also be posting the next scheduled sessions by the doors of each room.   For the most part, the agenda will be created Thursday morning based on the topics suggested by the participants.  The Rookie Sessions, which will be in the Rainier Room, are all ready posted…and you don’t have to be a social media rookie to attend!

Sessions.  With exception to the Rookie Sessions and the Sponsor Spotlight, reBarCamp sessions are more “ad-hoc” and not pre-planned.   People who are interested in that topic show up at the assigned room and from there, the conversation, sharing and learning begins.  Sessions are not intended for someone to lecture or make a sales pitch….ideally they are “peer to peer” learning. The session may evolve into something different than what you may have expected…remember, if a session doesn’t appeal to you, use your feet and go find another one.   If  you decide that you would like to create a session that is not on the board, your best time to do this may be during the lunch break since we are at capacity.

Sponsors.  This event would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.   Please do take some time to visit them in the Olympic Room and check out the Sponsor Spotlight Sessons.   

Because of our gracious sponsors and opting not to do “bling” this year, we’re going to be able to make an extra nice donation to Solid Ground

Last, but not least… our Volunteers.  We will be on hand all day should you need any assistance.

A Word from our Sponsor-IMOS

February 26, 2011 by Linda Aaron  
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IMOS is pleased to sponsor REBSEA once again. We believe that the value offered by REBSEA to real estate professionals is identical with our corporate philosophy of helping loan officers be better equipped and more knowledgeable in their approach to holding themselves out online.

As IMOS is not exactly a household name in the mortgage industry (yet) I should probably introduce you our most popular service: the IMOS auto-quoting application. Our web based software application helps hundreds of loan originators nationwide connect with home owners and home buyers. IMOS automates the loan officers mortgage ‘quote responses’ to perspective online consumers in mortgage spaces like the Zillow mortgage Market. The consumer puts in their loan search criteria and IMOS provides the loan officer’s pricing relative to the consumer’s criteria in real time.

Additionally, IMOS allows the loan officer greater flexibility than other – our settings allow you to quote only the specific loan products and pricing to the online consumers that meet their ideal criteria. By filtering for the ‘ideal customer’ in IMOS the loan officer controls the credit scores, income, loan to value ratios, and other parameters that will generate a quote response. In short: – the loan officer quotes only to the customers that they want to work with!

IMOS is committed to helping loan officers originate more business. Our application is simple and transparent – designed to provide time savings and profitability. IMOS combines flat-fee, unlimited, quoting at the lowest rate in the industry. That’s the way it should be – that’s IMOS!

Thank you again for putting on REBSEA. We look forward to another spectacular event!


Adam L. Stein

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