The beauty of RE Bar Camp Philadelphia is that there is no registration fee for participants – it’s totally FREE to attend! How do you manage that, you might ask….

Sponsors. Sponsors are those wonderful folks who want to help us keep the cost of attending to zero (and provide nourishment and some cool stuff for folks to take home with them) by contributing to offset the cost of the event.

What does it take to sponsor RE Bar Camp Philly?
In the spirit of equality that RE Barcamp is founded upon, there is one level of sponsorship at $250. Your generous donation will be used to offset such costs as securing the venue for the event, provide a meal and refreshments, print badges and t-shirts, secure internet access and any AV needs, support the promotion of the event. Because REBarcamp Philadelphia is a non-profit event, all of the proceeds will be used for the benefit of the event and the attendees.

Are you looking to do a bit more for us? Would you like your company to be involved at a more visible level? We do have a few extraordinary sponsorships available at a higher level of commitment. If you are interested in those, please contact Judy Moriarty at [email protected].

What does a sponsor get for their donation of $250?
A boat load of good karma – we all need that!
Exposure to real estate professionals – lots of ‘em.
Link love from this site and bloggers who promote the event – lots of that too!
Your name on the event t-shirt –just think about who’ll be walking around wearing your name!
The opportunity to put your company’s info and swag on the “swag table” (we luv swag!)

What do we need additional sponsors for?
T-shirts (printing of)
Name Badges
Beer With Bloggers Happy Hour!

Oh by the way, just one little housekeeping thing …. Bar Camp isn’t a vendor show. Please, don’t come just to sell your services. If your product or service is great (and it is, or you wouldn’t have the progressive thought it takes to sponsor a Bar Camp) it will sell itself!

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact Judy Moriarty at [email protected] or via Twitter @realestatechick.