What’s a RE BarCamp?

RE BarCamp YEG – A Real Estate “Unconference”

There’s a lot of hype around RE BarCamp… and for good reason! RE BarCamp is not your typical industry event. There’s no agenda or hired facilitators. Instead, attendees decide what they want to learn about and sessions are facilitated by BarCamp participants. The focus is on open-learning and interaction – not pre-determined topics.

So what does RE BarCamp look like? Well, picture this… When you arrive, you’ll be asked to suggest topics for discussion. The most popular topics will be posted on a giant screen or white board in the registration area, so you can see what the selected sessions are and where they’ll be taking place. We’ll be looking for “facilitators” to keep each session on track and on time, but conversations will be driven by the group.

We want you to get the most from your BarCamp experience, so keynote speaker Kevin Jagger will kick off the day by showing us how to make a BIG marketing impact on a SMALL budget. He’s a recognized TEDx speaker and blogger who knows all about marketing on a budget… After watching the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, he was inspired to pursue his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. So he quit his job and is now training full time to become a member of Canada’s National Long Track Speed Skating Team despite having NEVER tried the sport! (Watch Kevin’s TEDx Talk HERE!)

The rest of the day will comprise of BarCamp sessions, lunch, fun and games. And we’re ending with a party (with beer of course)!
Registration is just $50.00 per person. Space is limited, so REGISTER today (click the tab above that says Register)!

RE BarCamp FAQs

Q    Is this a good venue for our brokerage meeting?
A    Absolutely! Invite your REALTORS and have them sit in on different sessions so they can each share what they learned at your next meeting. Or, create your own brokerage session at the end of the day to debrief with your REALTORS.

Q    What happens if I choose a session, but am not interested in the conversation?
A    Just go to another session or ask questions pertinent to you.

Q    What if the topic I want to talk about isn’t on the screen?
A    Find a few colleagues, find a free space, and start a session of your own! There are no limits to the topics or conversations that can happen.

Q    What if I am not comfortable speaking in front of a group?
A    There is no pressure to speak at any session. Sit back and take notes if that’s what you prefer.

Q    What if I want to lead a discussion?
A    Each session should be led by the group, and not individual people. However, we choose facilitators to help guide the discussions and keep them on track and on time. If you’d like to facilitate a discussion, let us know when you register. However you’re welcome to speak during any of the sessions.

Have questions? Visit www.rebarcamp.com/YEG or join our Facebook event!