What is a White Board?


This is a “white board.  Here is an explanation as to how it relates to our REBarcamp.

The white board be divided into a grid.  Across the top will be the rooms at the TSBOR offices in Squaw Valley (spaces we have to meet — maybe 3-4 areas).  Along the side will be time frames.  Like this:








When attendees check in, they will be given index cards upon which to write 2 things that they want to discuss.  Examples of this might be:  Twitter, Trulia, Zillow, Video, Facebook Pages, Mac vs PC, New Iphone, Dropbox, Docusign, Yelp, QR codes, Evernote, YouTube, Word Press, Websites, Blogging . . .  the possibilities are endless.  These things should probably relate to real estate and technology.

Mike, Jaqui and I will try to assemble these interests into some semblance of order and assign groups to “rooms” or areas.  Then you will be able to pick your discussion area — where you would like to go — for each hour.

Basically, this is how it works.  As I said, it is really a SHARING of Information — no one will be “teaching” it will be each of us learning from each other!!





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