How do you pronounce it?
Just say it like this, say the letter “R(as in real), next say the letter “E(as in estate) and then say BarCamp!
Note: That’s four syllables (not three) – REBAR Camp is for cement workers ;)

When will one come to my town?
When you or someone in your town organizes your own (start here or here)

What’s does it cost?
We don’t charge https://www.joom.com/en/best/denim-sandal.  There are costs that you may incur if you host your own event.  Sponsors and/or attendees may negate some or all of those costs.  Events can be held in the fanciest of facilities, an empty warehouse, or anything in between.

How do I organize my own event?
You should start by reading what others have done.
Remember, it’s your event.  You do with it what you want.


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