Rebar Camp Ohio was a Huge Success!

Rebar Camp Ohio was a huge success on Thursday. The venue was at the attendance record breaking Dayton Dragons Baseball Stadium. We began the day behind home plate with the warm sun shinning upon the crowd. It was fun to see the Realtors and small business owners from the tri-state area attempting to understand exactly what they had signed up to do. When the crowd was asked if they had been to an REBC prior to that day no one raised their hand, not one single person Astonishing but true, this part of the country has not had contact with this type of forum. I hear some say REBC is dying, not so here, we are just giving birth to the idea.

After a quick welcome and orientation we went up to the private suites over looking the field where there where five session an hour. Approximately 90% of our sessions were tech but there were a few on negotiating, HUD homes, legal counsel, lending and credit.  Facebook, Twitter and ipads were heavily attended. We also allowed our Platinum level sponsors to facilitate. Surprisingly those sessions were well attended also. In the spirit of REBC we asked everyone to refrain from selling his or her products in the sessions.


In holding true to the culture of REBC we kept our chairs in a circle, which in my opinion was the key to a good conversation. There was lots of sharing and no presenting. It was very cool to see the conversations throughout the day. The questions were sincere and the answers were honest. One of the best parts of the day was to see the very young and the very experienced agent ask questions to each other and participate fully in the sessions. I knew we were going to be OK when the sponsors and volunteers for the day kept disappearing and sneaking into sessions because they wanted to learn.


From an organizational point of view, Eventbrite was the key to registration and for electronic check-in at the gate. Diverse Solutions provided our name badges and sponsors were instrumental in funding a few extras. The DJ kept spirits high between session and the door prizes and our half-baked session kept them to the end.


We had a local council member show up to learn and the best surprise was the Apple Stores area manager spent the day attending sessions too. When Apple shows up in any form you have to think you are doing something correct. All in all it was a great day, a day that delightfully surprised many. I can’t wait until next year.



Organized by:

Julie Beall, Real Estate Strategist Heart of the Strategy

Sue Miller at M&M Title

Tyler Morton at REmax Victory



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