Hello world!

Read Me!  These instructions are for your site!

Welcome to REBarCamp.com.  If you are not familiar with wordpress, the “Hello world!” post is the standard first dummy post.  I thought I’d leave the first post as an instruction manual of sorts.

If you are an Admin, here’s what you need to get your site up and running.

  • Start with a logo.  You can use the generic one if you want (here) or create your own.  The image is 960 x 140 and can be a transparent .png  Once you have a logo, head on over to Dashboard > Appearance > Header and upload your image.
  • Decide on a Hashtag
  • How about registering?  Eventbrite is the option that most use.  If you use Eventbrite you can iframe in the registration page.

If you see a small red box at the top right of your dashboard that means your website is hidden from public view (other than to logged in admins).  When it’s ready to go – uncheck the “coming soon” in the settings section.


  • If you are an Admin, you can add others.  You can add them as Admin, Editor or Contributor.  Their role is important.  What they can do and can’t do is up to you.  See http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities for more details.
  • Use the BIO section in your user profile to tell the world a little more about you.  (see mine below)


  • Work your way through the five starter pages.  Edit and create as you like.  There’s a note on each one for you.
  • When you change a page, don’t forget to change the Author from me to you as well.


  • Posts are a great way to announce new sponsors, new parties or build excitement.
  • The slider on the front page pulls the featured image for each post – make sure that image is large enough.
  • You can delete this post as soon as you need to.
  • Add categories, tags, whatever you want.


  • Once you have decided on a date, location and a hashtag, edit the settings in the first primary sidebar widget.
  • Widgets give you the ability to change the appearance on the home page, footers and sidebars.  I’ve marked most all of them as best I can.  To find your widgets go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
  • Sidebar widgets are a great place to place sponsors logos.  Link back to their site when you do (they’ll like you for that)
  • A specific set of plugins is already installed – you are free to add others as you see fit BUT remember this site is different (multisite) and not all plugins work on multisite.  If you add something and it breaks your site, disable the plugin and see if it fixes it.  Always backup your site before adding a plugin.


  • Akismet is installed (reduces spam) but all comment moderation is up to you.


  • This is your website.  Technically, you don’t own it but you’ve been given full control.  There is no warranty.  If you mess something up I may be able to help.  so call me maybe.