Not Gonna Make BarCamp? Please let us know!

Hey BarCampers, we’ve done it again…sold out weeks before the event.

We are at maximum capacity (400) and cannot comfortably extend further invitations, however, we know that people want in. If you registered and have since discovered that you cannot attend, please take a moment and let us know on the comments below. Removing a name is the only way that people on the wait list will be able to get in.

Your REALTOR peers will appreciate it!  Thanks!


  1. Emily Green :

    Hi Nobu,
    I regret that I do need to cancel my reservation. MNAR board meeting is the same day/time! I hope someone on the waiting list gets my spot!

  2. Thanks Emily!

  3. Hi Nobu,
    I have to give up my spot due to a change in a closing…sad, but happy at the same time.


  4. Patti Eastman :

    Hi Nobu,
    I regretfully won’t be able to attend Barcamp. Daughter hurt ankle and we are heading to the Doc this am. I apologize for short notice. I hope it’s not to late find someone for my ticket.

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